UPDATE: We made our crowdfunding goal!

Almost 2,000 people contributed over $115,000 to keep Ladies Get Paid alive. We are overwhelmed by your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

the campaign

Ladies Get Paid was founded to close the wage and leadership gap.

60% of today's college graduates are women, yet less than 22% make it past middle management. This is unacceptable. 

Through events, workshops, and community, we provide a support system for thousands of women worldwide. In less than 18 months, we've grown to 20,000 members from all 50 states and more than 60 countries.

We made the decision to host our events for only female identifying and non-binary people, so that they could speak freely about sensitive subjects like workplace harassment, without fear of judgement or intimidation. 

Last year we were sued for gender discrimination.

We were targeted by a group of men who have sued hundreds of organizations like ours. They exploit the Unruh Civil Rights Act, a law intended to protect the very people they sue. Other groups sued include the Violence Against Women Act as well as the  Oakland A’s who gave out hats to women on Mother’s Day. 

They sued not only Ladies Get Paid but also our founder, Claire Wasserman, along with six of our ambassadors who gave their time to help organize the events.

We need your help


As a two-person startup with no funding, this has been financially and emotionally devastating for us. But getting sued demonstrates exactly why Ladies Get Paid needs to exist. We are so proud of the work we’ve done and the momentum we’ve created and there’s no WAY we can get this lawsuit stop us.

We just need your help.


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Ladies Get Sued: The Podcast

We've recorded a series of podcast episodes dedicated to the lawsuit, as well as a deeper discussion of the value of safe spaces, the community of men's rights group, and how the law is not always on our side.

EPISODE #1: Claire Wasserman, the Ladies Get Paid founder, shares her personal experience dealing with the lawsuit.

EPISODE #2: Lawyer Megan Cesare-Eastman gives her legal perspective, shedding light onto the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

EPISODE #3: Activist Blair Imani discusses the merits of safe spaces and what it's like getting trolled. 

EPISODE #4 iFundWomen founder Karen Cahn talks about how to get over the fear of asking for money.


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If you'd like to write about us, we'd be thrilled to talk to you. 
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Are your events women-only?
Our programming is open to everyone.

Where is the money going?
The money we raise will be used to pay off all costs associated with the lawsuit, and anything raised in excess of that will help us grow the Ladies Get Paid team and provide more services to our community. This includes a library of educational videos, a member portal, a directory of career coaches, and increased programming.

What is your mission?
We seek to close the wage and leadership gap through training women how to advance in their careers. 

When did you launch?
We launched in New York on September 2016.

Are you a non-profit or LLC?
We are an LLC.

What are your services?
We provide online and offline education, corporate programming, an online network, and a conference.

Is there a fee to join?
Nope! It's free to join and open to everyone. Sign up at ladiesgetpaid.com/join. 

What cities are you in?
We have members from all over the world though we currently host events in New York, Washington DC, Baltimore, Boston, Burlington, Miami, Philadelphia, Denver, Minneapolis, Austin, Atlanta, Wilmington, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Portland, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

How can I get involved? 
The best way to get involved is by spreading the word about Ladies Get Paid and if you want to start a chapter, email us.

Besides donating, how else can I support you?
We'd love you to spread the word about our campaign.  Here's a folder with text + images
that will make it easy for you to share with your network and on social.


Thank you to our contributors!


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